Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Cheese is Waxed!

When things go wrong it doesn't mean you've failed - it just means you've been given another experience.  Well, I've certainly had a lot of experience this week.  The sour dough starter that I ordered on line failed terribly.  I added water and flour as instructed.  I kept it somewhere warm.  I stirred it vigorously on a daily basis.  I had my concerns before I even attempted to make bread.  It just didn't look bubbly or smell right.  Sure enough my dough failed to rise.  Damn - that was an expensive experience.

My little edam has been happily chilling in the cool box.  Now that the skin has dried it was time for a wax coating.  My first attempt was simply pouring the hot wax over it.  This seemed to work okay but every time I turned it over to wax the other side the underneath part would peal off.  Very frustrating.  So I popped it back in the cool box and sulked for a couple of days.  Today I bought a cheap paint brush and had another go.  This time I painted thing layers over and over again.  Finally - victory.  It looks great.  Kind of knobbly but I think this adds to its rustic charm.

Leo trying to keep his nose warm.
It has turned very cold and we had a big dump of snow on the mountains.  My new vegetables looked unimpressed - particularly the basil.  I'm determined to use some of the herbs in the dinner tonight - I'll let you know how that goes.

I bought an old Singer sewing machine from the dump over the weekend.  $20 and it works perfectly except I had to buy a new "foot" which cost another $20.  Still great value and I can finally sew the little coin purse kit that Paula gave me for my birthday.  I have been making a big effort on Paula's other project - Louisa's birth sampler.  Putting in the hours has created some momentum and I am really happy with the result.

Flowers from Monique's garden
So that's all for this week.  It wasn't the exciting progressive week I was hoping for but I've worked through the frustration and I can feel my mojo returning.  I'm reading up on Christmas traditions and I am looking forward to making lots of little things to make Christmas special including a home made wreath.

And I almost forgot to mention that I made Elder Flower champagne.  Alison kindly picked some flowers for me and I quickly added them to boiling water, sugar, white wine vinegar and chopped lemons.  In two weeks it will be ready for drinking.  If it turns out to be as yummy as I think I'll have to save a bottle for Christmas day.

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