Friday, August 9, 2013

Mean Green Mother from Outer Space

I was on the phone with my husband this morning and we were talking about our week apart.  I said that living according to my every whim for a week had been fun but exhausting.  I'm sure glad to have someone to keep me in check most of the time.  I said I was getting sick of a house full of books, animals (including sheep) and candle wax.  I may have not mentioned the sheep.  :)  

The blog is about to take a turn down another road.  My year in Kaikoura is up - but I'm still here.  My journey to sustainability is still on going and always will be.  I've found myself becoming so much more self assured and subsequently opinionated.  I am hoping that my opinions are now tempered by experience.

At the end of our conversation we were talking about what it's like for the person married to someone like me.  The someone who fills the house with their passions and grabs life by the short and curlies.  There usually has to be a partner in their life who doesn't acquire so much and approaches life in a slightly more systematic and temperate.  Gino asked me how I would describe myself and I think the words - unique and special were bandied about.  But you know what I prefer - "mean green momma from outer space."  

Please enjoy this link and I will formulate some blogs for you all to enjoy.  

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